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Product Description:
Length Measurement
Continuous measurement.
Any line, height, width and
depth can be added or substracted.

Volume Measurement
The device can automatically
calculate the volume after measuring
its length, width and height.

Pythagoras Measurement
The device can automatically
calculate the third after meas-uring two sides of triangle, by Pythagoras

Area Measurement
The device can automatically
calculate the area after
measuring its length and width.

Measuring Range:±1.5mm
Laser Type:635nm≤1mW;II
Battery Type:AAA alkaline battery(2x1.5v)
Product Dimension:115x52x28mm
Packing: Gift box
Major Application:
Interior decoration & construction technology
Construction project supervision & on site inspection
Fast forensics from accident site for traffic police
Real estate development and evaluation, fire evaluation
Public facilities planning, landscaping planning and application
in telecommunication industry,etc
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