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Product Description:
Conductor Horizontal Cable:1 x 24AWG(1/0.5mm) solid copper or
Patch Cable:7 x 34AWG(7/0.16mm) stranded coppers
Insulation HDPE
Colour Code Pair 1:White/Blue & Blue, Pair2:White/Orange & Orange
Pair 3:White/Green & Green, Pair4:White/Brown & Brown
Shield Drain wire and aluminum-mylar tape with 55% tinned copper braid
Jacket PVC, Nominal OD: Horizontal cable - 6.0mm ; Patch cable - 6.0mm
UL 444/ CSA - C22.2 No.214, Type CM
Standards ISO/IEC-11801, Horizontal Cable (solid copper)
ISO/IEC-11801, Patch Cable (stranded coppers)
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