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TELE TONG Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Since then it has made efforts to improve telecommunication and network assembly. Located in the capital city, Taipei, TELE TONG is recognized internationally the pioneer and the leader in telecommunication industry.

For almost two decades, Tele Tong not only manufactures network and telecom accessories such as telephone and network cable, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL, plugs, couplers and patch panels which include Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6, it has also expanded its professional field into fiber optic cable, devices and some of testing and hand tools with all RoHS. 

Except for standard items, Tele Tong also accepts orders of customer-designed product, and welcome OEM and ODM terms as well. With a strong team of professional workers, Tele Tong stands out and intends to remain in the communication and network assembly for decades in the future and providing more solutions to our clients.